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How Do I Know If Semaglutide Is Right for Me?

It’s no secret that weight loss is tough—especially as you age. Many people struggle to lose weight despite their best efforts to improve their diet and exercise habits. But, the entry of semaglutide into the anti-obesity medication scene might just be the hope many have been searching for. Since its FDA approval in 2021, semaglutide has sparked hope and curiosity—but is semaglutide the right choice for you?

Semaglutide: A Game-Changer in Weight Loss

Originally a diabetes medication, semaglutide has emerged as a powerful ally in chronic weight management. Its ability to mimic the GLP-1 hormone plays a crucial role in appetite suppression and feeling full. When combined with diet and exercise, semaglutide has shown remarkable results in weight loss, significantly more than lifestyle changes alone.

The Appeal of Semaglutide Injections

Unlike its predecessors, semaglutide offers an improved method of tackling weight loss, with a typical dose of 2.4 milligrams administered weekly. It’s the promise of significant weight loss that has made semaglutide, especially under the brand name Wegovy, an appealing option for those struggling with obesity or overweight issues.

Semaglutide is helping non-diabetic populations shed the pounds, and the numbers speak volumes. In a study with 2,000 participants, those on semaglutide witnessed a substantial reduction in body weight—up to 20% in some cases. This far surpasses the results seen from diet and exercise alone. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that discontinuing semaglutide can lead to weight regain.

Is Semaglutide Right for You?

Semaglutide isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The FDA recommends it for individuals with a BMI of 27kg/m2 or greater who have weight-related conditions, or for those with a BMI of 30kg/m2 or greater. Keep in mind, it’s not suitable for everyone, particularly those with certain medical histories like thyroid cancer, gallbladder disease, or pancreatitis.

How Impact Rejuvenation Can Support You

Impact Rejuvenation understands that the path to weight loss is unique for everyone. Our medical weight loss program is designed to support and guide you through your journey. We believe in informed choices and personalized care. Whether semaglutide is the right step for you or if another path fits better, our team is here to help you navigate your options. Contact us today at (727) 292-0200 to discover how we can support your weight loss journey.